What Is The Concept Of Domain Authority? 5 Ways To Improve It

Domain authority

In a website development company in Kolkata, domain authority measures your website’s strength more than your competitors. Read this blog to know more about it. 

DA or Domain Authority is eventually a rating scale for websites. In technical web design services, it is one of those factors that predict what ranking your site will achieve on search engines. This scoring system judges both the relevance and strength of any website. 

What Is A Domain Authority Score? 

Enhancing the DA score of your site is no easy task. Apart from being time-consuming, it is also a slower process. The score scale for website maintenance services is usually logarithmic. This simply indicates that the higher score you achieve, the more difficult it becomes to improve the website. One can measure it on scales with a maximum score of 100. 

While there can be no “good” DA score objectively as a benchmark, a score of 70-90 is great. 50 is an average score and scores below it requires inspection. However, you can optimize the free domain SEO analysis tool from Moz. This will give access to your DA score. One can also find other useful reports on backlinks, keyword ranking as well as competitors. 

Tips From The Experts For Improving Your Domain Authority Score 

  • Top-quality external link construction 

When it comes to determining the DA ratings of your site, backlinks play a critical role. Content marketing is a popular trick for a website developer in Kolkata to build links. It helps your website get wider exposure. You can start writing guest posts on third-party blogs, preferably with high traffic as well as high domain authority. Further, you can find your competitors and check the type of links they have been using. 

  • Few spammy links 

Without any doubt, inbound links are vital for your site. But links taken from spammy sites will do more harm than good. It takes down the DA score significantly. Furthermore, search engines can end up penalizing your website. So, the initial step is to analyze the backlinks you are having and ensuring that they are of high quality. 

  • Develop exceptional content

The final step is to create extraordinary content for your users. If you have a specific niche of your business, then you must have no issue writing a clear and concise blog. 


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