Why A Great Website Is Important For Small And Big Businesses?

For any web development company in Kolkata, an impeccable website holds utmost importance. Read this blog and find out how relevant are web design and development. 

Technology is evolving each day, thereby bringing in new business opportunities. While a website designer and a website developer in Kolkata have different job roles. Top-notch website design companies like Avant-Garde Technologies do both. Let’s dig deeper. 

The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development 

  1. Web design 

Web design refers to the procedure of planning, arranging as well as conceptualizing content on the Internet. Further, it is the designing of sites that one displays on the Internet. With the latest web design, there is no longer the need to look at website aesthetics. Basically, there are three types of web design. Namely, adaptive web design, web adapts relying on the device type and relying on browser width.   

  1. Web development 

Web development is the complete procedure of developing a website. It usually involves the process of making a website and maintaining it. The key difference between web design and web development is that in the former, the designer arrives with the website’s user interface. On the other hand, the website developer incorporates web design into the process of website development. With this clear understanding of web design and development, one can ask about their individual importance. 

Significance Of Website Design And Website Development For Businesses

  1. Makes the site easier to navigate 

Any business demands a strong online presence and a website that is easier to navigate. Moreover, it must also be responsive and all information presented on the site must be easy to access and read. To acquire this, the web pages must have a quick loading speed. A fast-loading site is easier to navigate as well as more responsive. 

  1. Victory with SEO

SEO is a fundamental aspect that any website developer must observe as well as consider in the process. At present, tons of websites are competing for the top rank in the SERPs. Both web design and web development are ways that help a website get higher rankings. However, it is imperative that the website meets every standard per the search engine to crawl on top. 

  1. It expands reach 

Any business with a compelling website is able to reach a more engaging audience. Great website designs enable businesses to expand their reach along with attracting all possible customers. It is simple to acquire testimonials about your products/services and monitor them on your website. 


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