Why Should You Choose Youtube To Advertise Your Products Over Televisions?

Youtube marketing service

Youtube promotions agencies are marketing their products through target specific Youtube Ads. Know why it is profitable for your business. 

When you look around, you will find everything is about product placement, pricing, and promotion. It is hard to believe that today there is an entire industry dedicated to selling products and services. Yes, we are talking about advertising and the PR industry. Earlier the mode of conducting this business was through print media – newspapers, magazines, and via radios, televisions, and hoardings. But with the rising popularity of digital media and social media platforms, digital marketing companies in India are shifting their focus. One such media that is grabbing all the attention is Youtube. 

The demand for visual content is on the increase as customers want a more immersive experience. The video-sharing giant, Youtube has 1 billion unique visitors every month. Since its launch in 2005, the platform has been successful in establishing itself as the most visited online video-sharing service.

Know Why Marketers Prefer Youtube As The Best Advertising Platform?

In this multi-device era, audiences have a shorter concentration span. Often use TV ads as a means to take a break, complete a small task or divert their attention to some other device.  So, you are like 87% of consumers who use more than one device at one time. But if you want to track your results, target the right audience, and gather actionable takeaways from campaigns, leverage video marketing platforms services. 

Here Are A Few Facts To Prove Why Youtube Ads Score More Than Tv Commercials:

  • Youtube Ads Have Greater Reach: Reports suggest that Youtube reaches more adults and youngsters than any cable network in recent times. With everyone’s eyes glued to the screens of their smartphones, it is pertinent that at least 1 out of 10 consumers is watching content on Youtube. Thus, it has a greater read and caters to a wide variety of audiences from any part of the world. 
  • Youtube Ads Are Less Expensive: You have got to invest a considerable amount of money when promoting a TV commercial. But with YouTube ads, there’s no minimum investment. Also advertising on Youtube gives you greater command over data that will help to drive your marketing campaigns. 
  • Youtube Ads Have Better Targeting Options: Before you market your product, it is important to know your target audience in and out. So, for a more data-driven approach, you can focus by: 
  1. Demographics: Age, gender, location, and interests
  2. Video Marketing: You can show ads to audiences who are a frequent visitor to your websites
  3. Keywords: Customize your ads taking into consideration specific words that describe your business

Thus video marketing platforms help brands to get recognized, gain customer trust, and increase their reach to target more clients to promote their products and services. While customers get an engaging medium to easily understand the content, marketers enjoy it due to the high ROI. 

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