2 Unique Social Media Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

Social Media

Let your company become an influencer in the industry with the right social media marketing strategies in Kolkata. Here is a brief about how to taste the benefits of social media.

The content you put up on social media is a reflection of your business. Social media marketing services in Kolkata are a portion of your content marketing plan. It’s much more than just sharing pictures online to gain “likes” and followers. About 70% of small businesses rely on social platforms to reach out to a wider number of audiences.  It’s about getting your target audience to actually engage with the amazing content you share, gaining control of your image online, and creating relationships with your audience. 

1. Statistics That Proves The Significance Of Social Media Marketing

  1. Social networking platforms are used by approximately seventy-six percent of businesses so that they can achieve their marketing goals.
  2. Forty percent of the online shoppers make use of their smartphones to enjoy in-store shopping.
  3. Almost seventy-one percent of the customers give responses in accordance with the feedback and the recommendations of the social users about a specific brand.
  4. The reviews of the consumers are considered to be more trustworthy by the shoppers than the marketing promotion that comes directly from the site of the brand.
  5. The business retailers experience approximately one hundred and thirty-three percent increase in the revenues after marketing the business in the mobile market, which promotes the social media marketing significance for their business.
  6. The majority of successful brands have a social page for widening the marketing coverage of their business. This also helps to make the brand name more accessible to all social media users.

2. To Sum Up, Social Media Marketing Company In Kolkata Will Help You In:

  1. Promoting the company and spreading brand awareness
  2. Growing customer connection  and build strong relationships
  3. Boosting word of the mouth advertising 
  4. It is a cost-friendly strategy that has the power to make your business soar
  5. Creating shareable and engaging content across social media will boost organic search results

Furthermore, with more online visibility, building customer loyalty is easier than ever with social media marketing.  As more and also, more people are online and more connected there, it becomes a good business case just like yours, to make a profit.

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