Privacy Policy

You are liable to provide the company with adequate details when and if required. All personal information is collected from the client during the interactive sessions that are carried out with us.Information provided by you can be utilized for promotional purposes or for the development of new products within the domain of the projects.

Personal details might be used by our company to process your payments or to provide you with relevant customer service. We respect an individual’s professional creation. We assure to use your production as a means to help you meet your goals while you continue to retain the copyrights. Avant-Garde Technologies will not make use of any creation and matter provided by you for the purpose of reselling or to be used in another site.

We guarantee complete confidentiality in relation to the contact information and client content provided by you.We follow a strict anti-spam policy whereby we commit towards protecting the privacy of our clients. Our enterprise does not support the revelation or selling of our clients e-mail address to a third party.You will be notified via a mail containing all your order details that keeps you updated with the work progress.Appropriate electronic as well as managerial procedure is applied to ensure the security of the data and information that is collected by us online.

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