3 Tips Grab Your Customers’ Attention With The Best Video Marketing Techniques

Video Marketing

Video Marketing helps brands to get recognized, gain customer trust, and increase their reach. Contact a digital marketing company near me to know more. 

Earlier the mode of conducting business was through print media – newspapers, magazines, and via radios, televisions, and hoardings. But with the rising popularity of digital media & social media platforms, digital marketing companies in India are shifting their focus. The demand for visual content is on the increase currently as customers want a more immersive experience. According to marketers, businesses can rest assured of highly engaging sites, better audience reach, and relevant content promotion. 

1. Fun Facts That You Should Know

  • Video drives an increase in organic traffic from SERPs by 157%
  • Brands that leverage video marketing grow revenue 49% faster year-on-year than those who don’t
  • Including the word “Video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%
  • Video sharing is 1200% more than links and texts combined

Often use TV ads as a means to take a break, complete a small task or divert their attention to some other device.  So, there are like 87% of consumers who use more than one device at one time. So, professionals from digital marketing agencies in Kolkata should concentrate more on increasing their video quality and take it to the next level this year. 

2. Why Is Youtube A Rage Now?

Reports suggest that Youtube reaches more adults and youngsters than any cable network in recent times. With everyone’s eyes glued to the screens of their smartphones, it is pertinent that at least 1 out of 10 consumers is watching content on Youtube. Thus, it has a greater read and caters to a wide variety of audiences from any part of the world. With this, digital marketing service providers in Kolkata are prioritizing video content to engage their viewers more and convey a brand image. 

3. Some Of The Top Video Marketing Trends

  • Short Form Videos Will Dominate The Market: Established video production companies recommend that if your target market is under 30 years old, short-form and fast-paced videos will give you an edge over your competition. 
  • Live Video Streaming Will Take Centre Stage: 63% of marketers perceive live video streaming as a way to add a human touch to online campaigns. From podcasts, webinars, conferences, to tutorials, Q&A sessions are on the rise. People enjoy the opportunity to interact with influencers almost instantly and establish genuine connections.
  • Shoppable Videos Are Grabbing Eyeballs: eCommerce brands are banking on shoppable videos as customers have to purchase with few clicks. Each of these videos includes a button leading to a landing page where viewers can seamlessly purchase.

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