3 Tips To Win The Top Rank On Google: What You Should Follow?


The digital marketing company in Kolkata is here to give you sound advice on how to rank on the top pages of Google. Read to learn these crucial factors.

The ever-evolving algorithms and the stiff competition in the industry can at times get to you. For all one brands and businesses ranking on the top pages of Google is one significant factor. While there is no fixed recipe or any secret formula to ranking high on Google. But there are a few factors that this giant search engine takes into account. According to professionals from various digital marketing agencies in Kolkata, there are two positives of the increase in SERP rankings. These are:

  • Boosts your business’s ability to generate traffic and leads
  • Hikes the degree to which your audience sees your business as authentic.

Here Are Some Tips To Achieve Your Goal 

1. Long-Form Content & Long-Tail Keywords:

People who are veterans in the content marketing industry will always tell you to focus on long-tail keywords as it is a great SEO tactic. The best SEO companies in India are of the view that this strategy can be  These words are more specific and also, have a greater focus on the niche. Additionally, it is a lot easier to rank for long-tail keywords than for the main keyword as it is more generic in nature. Also long-form content is doing extremely well which implies that the audience wants more in-depth information. Moreover, exhaustive and engaging content drives more traffic to the site and increases dwell time. All these lead Google to consider the website valuable, thereby ranking it higher. 

2. A Secure  And Easily Accessible Website: 

The right kind of URL gets your job done easily. In other words, Google has to be able to visit the URL and look at the page content to understand what that page is about. For Google bots to easily reach and crawl, website development companies in Kolkata suggest you have:

  • A website created with a well-coded website builder
  • A robots.txt file that tells Google where it can and also, can’t look for your site information
  • A sitemap that lists all your pages

3. Implementing Guest Posting Strategy: 

You all know that guest posting is essential for placing your site in front of a wide array of audiences.  The veterans in the industry will tell you that earning a backlink from a reputed site helps to improve your domain authority. But, did you know that it’s not a smart move to post blogs on every guest posting site you come across? Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Select relevant websites with high domain authority.
  • Abide by the blog submission guidelines mentioned on the guest posting site.
  • Check out previously posted articles on the site to get an idea of their expectations.
  • Pick topics that will interest the target audience of the site.
  • And also, support your claims with high-authority sources.

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