5 Awesome Ways in Which Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Value

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Over the past few years, social media has richly contributed to industrial development of in Kolkata. Also, many new organizations established in Kolkata have achieved global popularity in no time by intelligently using the potential of social media. Social media marketing in Kolkata is currently offering prosperous job opportunities and has become an important necessity for companies to greatly increase their respective brand values in the market.

The most important benefits of social media marketing are:

Popularizing a brand name:

A company can use social media to familiarize a huge number of people with its name and products/services. Also, a social media is used by a remarkable percentage of population of any country for friendly communication. Aslo, through only one existing customer, product information and usefulness can be shared among hundreds of his/her friends and relatives in a very short amount of time which will ensure the product awareness and immediate website visits. Also, through one existing customer, one hundred new customers can be made.

Greater product purchase opportunities:

For advertising a particular product or service, a company can use pictures, video or simply catchy content which attracts the attention of old and new customers and allures them also, to know more from the company’s website, increasing website visits. Also, they are likely to make online enquiry for detailed information. Also, for genuinely interested or enthusiastic customers such visits turn into online product purchase orders.

Greater brand preference:

Hence, increase in the number of positive reviews about a particular product in the social media increases the customer preference for the particular brand. Social media is the fastest medium for maximizing brand value over the web. Also, online buyers always look for the number of positive customer reviews of a product and a large number of attractive reviews make the customer think about an immediate website visit.

Great reduction in marketing cost and time:

Social media marketing greatly saves the marketing time and cost for a company. There is no need for broadcasting expensive product advertisements through other popular media channels like television, newspaper or radio. Also, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is used by almost everybody today irrespective of age. Uploading of important images or videos to these social networking sites takes very little amount of time and no expense at all to make them available for viewing to millions of people located at different parts of the globe.

Higher SEO ranking:

The advertisement text used for marketing a particular product through social media contains words which are used as keywords by more and more customers to search for their desired product by using popular search engines. Also, this results in the appearance of the company name at the top of the search engine results. In this way, the company achieves premier SEO ranking which ensures in maximising brand popularity.

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