A Complete Brief on Developing An Application for Cabs

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Nowadays, the cab booking service is a pretty successful business idea. Here is a complete outline of the development of cabs apps by app development agency in Kolkata.

The idea of booking cabs online via certain mobile applications is a quite popular and successful business nowadays. As days are passing by, more and more businesses are investing in providing cab booking services via a mobile application. The revenue for this business is pretty big. Therefore, the competition is tough. Hence, to fit into the zone and give strong competition to others, you need to have a rigid strategy. The first and foremost step is the development of a mobile application. You can hire an app development agency in Kolkata to help you develop the perfect app. They will also help you customize the application as per your preferences. Before jumping into creating the app, you need to be sure about the features you want. Here are some must-have features of an online cab booking service.

Features That You Need to Implement In A Mobile App:-

Location Tracking in Real Time:-

This is one of the basic features that your application needs to have. It should be able to track the real-time location of the passenger so that the cab drivers can locate the pickup point. Pitch this idea to mobile app development agencies.

Various Options for Booking:-

If you have used a common app booking service before, you must have seen that they have multiple booking options like small cabs, big cabs, intercity, tour cabs, etc. You must also implement these options in your application. 

The Fare:-

Another prominent feature of a cab booking application is showing the estimated fare before allowing a passenger to book the service. This helps them to choose an option according to their convenience as well as helps you maintain transparency. 

Direct Call Icon:-

Instead of showing the number of the driver, have a direct calling option which passengers can use to call their drivers after confirming a cab. Hire a mobile app development agency in India

Cab’s Location Tracking:-

Also include the feature where riders could track the real-time location of a cab with the approximate arrival time after confirming a booking. 

Multiple Login Options:-

Make sure that the application provides multiple login options like social media log in, email login, login via the phone number, etc. This allows the user to use the app conveniently and comfortably. 

Always prioritize the experience of users when it comes to businesses like this. It is the ultimate decision-maker of whether your business will be successful or not. After developing these features, you need to develop some features for the rider as well. 

Basic Characteristics for Drivers:-

New Passenger Alert:-

The most basic feature for drivers is to get an alert after a new booking including the details of passenger, pickup location, drop location, etc.

Accept/Cancel Booking:-

The driver should also have an option to accept or cancel a ride as per their convenience. 

Maps: –

To know the route and locations, there should be a navigation map inbuilt in the app. 

These are some basic features that should be there. You can also include other features you want. Hire the best mobile app development company for helping you build the application.  Get in touch with Avant-Garde Technologies and check out their website for more information. 

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