A Deep Dive Into The Amazing Features Of WordPress! 4 Tips


Website designing services in India can help you create your business website that will be the face of your brand. Know about the benefits of WordPress here.

WordPress is just another Content Management System (CMS)  that helps to curate, manage, and improvise content for digital media. The benefit of the CMS platform is in spite of not being a technical guru, you can use this powerful tool for publishing your content. Web development companies in Kolkata are of the opinion that WordPress is the best website builder. This platform is a great solution for both large and small websites as it has high flexibility and usability. From blogging to business portfolio websites, WordPress has always been the number one choice as it is a versatile CMS. There are numerous reasons why you should use it as well. 

Some Of The Trending Features Of WordPress That Make It A Hit CMS Platform

One of the best ways to build communication and improve business is through websites. This is the reason why web development services in Kolkata have become an important part of digital marketing today. Listed below are some of the key features of WordPress that make it one of the most liked CMS platforms. 

  1. Multiple Dashboard Widget Options: When a user logs in for the first time, the platform redirects him to the dashboard page. For separate sections, the dashboard page consists of separate handy shortcuts. These shortcuts point towards various sections of the website.
  2. Integrated News And Blog Posting: The platform has built-in blogging and blog category management that makes posting content easy. Moreover, editing and removing content is also hassle-free. You get a chance to add news articles on an ongoing basis directly from your browser!
  3. Create Links In The Visual Editor: The 4.5 version of WordPress incorporated the feature of link editing inside the visual editor. Many users lately realized the utility of the new feature. Instead of pasting a link inside the pop-up box, they can now select a piece of writing and paste the URL because the Visual Editor would automatically convert it into a link.
  4. Manage Website Security: A website that keeps getting hacked every now and then is no good for your business. It results in loss of customer confidence,  potential sales, organic search engine ranking, and a negative image for your brand. With WordPress, you can easily take care of its security, backups, and also, core upgrades. 

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