How to Promote Your Brand When Your Customers are Quarantining?

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Read this blog to know how the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata can help you promote your brand and reach out to your clients during the lockdown.

It is safe to say that the global pandemic COVID-19 has brought down the economy like never before. All businesses are facing a major crisis as the people are focusing on getting what is essential. No one is willing to overspend or shop as they did before. The demands of your client took a drastic turn as their financial condition is also throwing them a challenge. This is putting them in a tough condition as they are barely managing their household. Well, we can say that no one wants to buy new clothes or pillows now. But, now what? Do you stop working? Well, the answer is no and instead, you work twice as hard before. This is the best time to put double efforts on digital marketing. You should hire the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata and let them put you back at the competition in the market.

Here Are Some Tips that Will Help You Do the Best Digital Marketing:-

Reformulate Your Approach Towards Creating Content:-

This is the most important thing you need to do. Nowadays, people are not interested in looking at your brand and products. They are only taking interest in the coronavirus, its statistics, precautions and things that are related to it. So, if you have the idea of sticking to your old content strategy and create content on products like pillow covers, bedsheets, etc then you are making a huge mistake. Be wise and create content which is relevant to your brand and the current scenario. For example, if you indeed own a bedsheet, pillow cover company then write about how to keep them hygienic and clean, how to sanitize them, how to discard an old bedsheet, etc.

Paid Ad Campaigns:-

This is also the perfect time to create paid ad campaigns? The investment cost of google and social media ads are generally very high. This is because the demand to run paid ad campaigns was also high. But, now as the demand is going down so is the price for running ads. This is the time you need to invest in creating ads as it will cost less and reach a larger number of audience. The more people get to see and know your brand, the more business you will get when the business gets back to normal.

Stay Active on Social Media:-

The majority of people are hooked onto social media nowadays. When you are running an ad, it will bring visitors to your site. It is your responsibility to convert those visitors into engagement rates. How will you do that? Stay active and post regularly on social media. Make sure all of these content are relevant and is agreeing with your audiences. 

These are three guru mantras of promoting your brand through digital marketing. Get in touch with the best digital marketing company in Kolkata- Avant-Garde Technologies. Check out their website for more details.