Boost Social Media Marketing Game to the Next Level with Twitter

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Social Media advertising companies believe in well-crafted marketing plans to gain better reach & greater ROI. Learn how Twitter marketing is ruling the digital world.

Like every other social media platform, Twitter upgraded from just a place to share thoughts to a powerful and effective marketing medium. If you ask any online marketing company in Kolkata, the professionals will tell you how Twitter marketing is the new age weapon in the digital marketing realm. With an active user base of 321 million monthly, you now know why marketers are emphasizing Twitter’s importance. 

How Should You Leverage Twitter For Marketing?

Initially, you might feel that Twitter is only because of showing up and tweeting, commenting, posting pictures, and videos for expressing one’s personal views. But this is not true.  You can leverage Twitter in creating brand awareness or generating a buzz among your followers about its product and services. There are strategies and techniques to help you understand the Twitter marketing game better. So, let us take a look at it:

Essential Tips and Tricks to Analyze Twitter for Business Growth:-

1. Monitor Your Twitter Account:-

If you are already a part of Twitter, the first thing you should do is run a Twitter audit. You should be well aware of what is working and what is not. Your audience plays an important role in helping you gain insight into what content they are engaging more in. With the help of Twitter analytics you can:-

Analyze individual tweet performance

Keep a tab on your individual Twitter audience, 

Hashtags are the soul of Twitter as it increases visibility. To analyze your hashtag performance. 

2. Set Your Original Tone:-

In this vast ocean of brands and businesses trying to grab eyeballs, you need to stay true to your voice. If you cannot provide something unique to your audience, you will be on the losing end.  Digital marketing companies emphasize that your tone and content strategy should be catchy and quirky and at the same time powerful enough to attract attention. Twitter presence is far more casual than LinkedIn, but you should implement a characteristic trait that appeals to the masses. Also, you should be consistent with your brand voice.

3. Utilize Twitter Ads:-

Organic reach is useful but the best way to reach your target audience is by using paid ads on Twitter. Promoted tweets are a far better option to increase your search and make your audience aware of your brand. The most important benefit of Twitter  Ads is it allows more people to see your profile even if they are not following you. 

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