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The Potential Of VR Technology In The ECommerce Industry


VR is encompassing a wide range of business verticals today including the eCommerce industry. Here is what the eCommerce website development company has to say. 

Virtual reality marketing involves brands promoting themselves and their products using virtual and augmented reality technology. You will be happy to know that the global virtual reality market size stood at USD 4.42 billion in 2020. It grew to USD 6.30 billion in 2021 and the market is projected to grow to USD 84.09 billion in 2028 with a CAGR of 44.8%. 

This technology creates a fake but realistic environment. Sometimes VR marketing is visual, and also, sometimes it’s multi-sensory, depending on the device. A full virtual reality headset offers a completely immersive experience, while a VR Instagram filter simply overlays objects or pictures onto the camera view. 

If you have an eCommerce business and want your customers to have a novel experience, eCommerce development companies in Kolkata suggest implementing VR technology. As this new technology becomes more accessible, marketers are of the view that using it will guarantee quick traction. Its USP is to innovate on in-store experiences, or digitally recreate the benefits of shopping in person. 

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