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Overview of The Interim Budget 2019


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For the middle class, millions of employees on the unorganized sector and farmers, the Union Finance Minister has proposed some tax breaks. People who are earning up to 5 lakhs will be exempted from the tax benefits. There will be a support income of Rs. 6000 per year for the farmers who will have possession of 5 hectares. The unorganized sector will get a Rs 3000 per month as pension.

# Tax Exemptions On Service And Investments: If you are a web consulting company in India, there are lots of boost in the budget for service. As per the budget, there will be a growth of nearly 89% or will stay the same in the next 12 months. The budgets will likely to increase to 56% with the employee strength of 200 people. Nearly 43% of IT companies stay in the same position. Continue reading Overview of The Interim Budget 2019

How a Web IT Consulting Company Increase their Online Traffic in India

When someone has a website online, he or she should always remember that while it could be astounding, it’s fabulous to notice somebody sees it first. There are so many various ways to achieve that. The best and the easiest way would be look for a reliable Web IT Consulting Company India. Due to this fact, one can choose what policy one can think would be excellent for them and their needs. There are even options to increase traffic on different budgets too. There could be many causes behind why you are lacking traffic, or it could be something manageable. Below are a few of the methods you can consider to get more people looking at what one endeavor? Continue reading How a Web IT Consulting Company Increase their Online Traffic in India