How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Website and Why?

website design companyA website needs to be aesthetic and that is why you need a good website design company to guide you through the process of choosing the right colour.

Content is king when it comes to building a website. It is the most crucial part of your domain. But, it is equally important to build an aesthetically pleasing website. It needs to attract people and visually appeal to them. You need to choose the right colour schemes to build a website and make it look professional yet interesting at the same time. If you have too many contrasting colours or no colour at all, then it won’t fetch any visitors on your website. Potential visitors will come and close the page if it does not look tempting to you. When someone visits your website, it needs to instantly catch their attention and keep them hooked. But, that does not mean you will build a childish website with too many bright colours. You need to be wise while choosing the colours and to achieve a more professional look,  you can take the help of a good website design company. Let us have a look at what colours we can use on the website.

Which colours to use on your website?

  • Shades of Red:-

    Red is a strong colour and many popular websites use red. You can use different shades of red instead of using a direct colour. Red represents love,  empowerment, courage, passion, strength and power. It attracts people naturally. You can use shades of red where you want more action like your social media links, contact us form, etc.

  • A tinge of Orange:-

    Orange represents warmth and a sense of affection. It symbolises energy, optimism, determination, autumn, endurance, etc. You can make a fantastic colour palette with orange and mix it with different shades and colours. You will sites like amazon, etc use orange on their website. However, it should be an accent colour and only be used in places where you need more attention.

  • Hues of Blues:-

    Blue represents security and safety. It is a very calming and soothing colour. Websites with blue have a trusted set of clients. The most popular example is Facebook. Facebook uses blue and it has billions of users worldwide. It also represents royalty, magic, friendliness, etc.

  • Sheens of Green:-

    Green is the colour of expectation and happiness. Also, websites who have green on their websites show their concern towards the ecosystem and depicts that use eco-friendly approaches.

  • Ruckles of Purple:-

    Purple depicts imagination, creativity, dignity, personality, prosperity, etc. It is also a very romantic and feminine colour. Purple also works with other shades.

  • Mellow Yellow:-

    Yellow is perfect as an accent colour. It is the colour of warning and it should not be used too much. If you use it in the right way then it can make your website look lively and fun.

These are some shades of colour that you can use it on your website. If you want to know how to implement this colour scale on your website, then get in touch with AGTS as they provide the best website design services. They have a team of professionals who dedicatedly work on improving their client’s business.