Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing

digital marketingMany digital marketing services these days are coming up with digital marketing solutions. Here are the differences between traditional and digital marketing.

Marketing is the key to any successful business venture. Much of the business success depends on how well you market your products. The basic aim of marketing is to enhance the reach of your business. It will help your clients get to know about your products and services and use those. Traditional marketing system has undergone a metamorphosis. As a result, we now have digital marketing too. More and more business companies are availing digital marketing services. There are many differences between traditional and digital marketing. Read on to know more.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing:-

  • Traditional marketing is a form of marketing where direct human resources. Different offline mediums are used to build awareness about your products and services. This makes clients aware of your company.
  • Traditional Marketing can be through direct marketing by an individual or a group of individuals, it can also be advertising and promotion through television, newspaper, radio, etc. Digital marketing involves every medium which functions digitally like internet mediums like websites, social media, etc or through mobile-based technology like mobile apps, mobile calls, SMS marketing, etc.
  • Both traditional and digital marketing has its own sets of clients, though with, the growing popularity of the internet and mobile phones, the reach of digital marketing is now far and wide and includes a number of people than is possible through conventional marketing. Also since everyone – across all age group now uses laptops or mobile phones compared to the population watching television or reading newspaper, the reach is wider across different age group.
  • Traditional marketing is definitely costlier than digital marketing. Advertising is costly and even human resources are costly so the entire process is costly. However digital marketing is comparatively much cheaper and also with a large target population the effective cost becomes lesser.
  • These days the effectiveness of digital marketing is much more because it is not only a creative medium but every day new forms of digital marketing expressions are coming in and this is creating more possibilities of better marketing.

Both forms of marketing are equally important but for small companies and start-ups, digital marketing is a better option. For larger companies, both forms of marketing are important parallels. AGTS India is one such digital marketing agency company in Kolkata which provides excellent digital marketing solutions at pocket-friendly cost so that you can maximize your reach.