Digital Marketing Analytics: Significance and Importance

Digital Marketing

Invest time in using analytics & measurement tools to learn how your site is performing. Here is what a top-notch social media marketing company in Kolkata has to say.

Be a step ahead of your competitors by using the right online marketing tool to boost business profitability. According to digital marketing companies in India, data analytics and market research are big players in this sector. Confused?  Here is why accurate marketing analysis is the precursor to set the tone of the business dealings. 

Why Do Businesses and Brands Need Analytics?

The simple and most straightforward answer to this question is marketers need to understand that whether they are doing the right thing or not. Analytics gives an overall perspective about the various facets of your work from social media, content to email marketing, sms marketing, etc. If you do not have the accurate data to point out what you are good at and what is leading to business loss or stagnation, you are living in a bubble. 

Measurement and Analytics Help You Keep A Tab On:-

  • The content format that is driving more attention and that resonates with your audience.
  • Find out which social media platform is driving more traffic
  • Whether your live sessions, podcasts, or quizzes are  better hit with your audience or not

With the correct insight, you not only understand the cracks and crevices in your marketing strategies, but you also get to know the preferences of your audience. 

What are the Basic Analytics Tools You Can Use?

  • Google Analytics:- This is by far the best tool that comes free and is extremely beneficial. With its various attributes, you can tell what traffic is coming to your site and from where. It is also able to locate which links and pages your visitors click the most. You can analyze data quickly and consequently collaborate it with an easy to use interface. Moreover, with its in-built technical support and global infrastructure, you can deliver secure, accurate data across your sites. 
  • Google Adwords:- If you are not running any campaign, it is cost-free. It is an online ads platform and a pay per click search engine. The reason it is advantageous for your business is you get access to Google’s keyword planner which is an awesome tool. You can use it to research keywords relevant to your field of work to use it in your website copy, on social media profiles, or in your daily content. 
  • Google Bing and Webmaster:- These tools are also free of cost and help to optimize your site for SEO. With the right indexing of your web pages and better site visibility. You can score high in terms of business perspective. 

All these above-mentioned facts and questions are pertinent to ask for having a clear understanding of the impacts of analytics in the digital world.  However, for an in-depth perspective and detailed guide, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata from  Avant-Garde Technologies.

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