Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2017

2016 was a great year for digital marketing and the industry never seems to slow down, but now we need to gauge how the market is going to evolve in 2017.Marketing is a field dominated by players who have the foresight to plan ahead and anticipate changes and jump onto trends before the competitors do. If you are a digital marketing company in Kolkata, you have to be aware of all the changes in technology that are taking place to compete and exist in this market.

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What digital marketing is evolving into?

Digital marketing in this New Year will evolve into a giant and with the steady push by the government to go digital it will open by the market of digital marketing in various interesting and new ways. The new trends to look out for are:

  • Augmented Reality will come to its full potential – Before this year no one predicted the rise of Pokémon Go but still at its peak it did business of about $10 million daily. Though the craze has died down since, but it has shown companies new forays into digital marketing. The two primary thing it has done are firstly it has revealed to us that we are ready for augmented reality and secondly it has shown the marketers the earning potential here. We can expect more brands coming out with AR ads and games to engage the consumer.
  • Live streaming will finally take off – Mobile phones are the need of the day in India after demonetisation and a by-product of that will be the steady rise of live streaming of events. With a growing greater access to a faster internet connection and the demand of witnessing a live event giving a vicarious view of the incident in real time, more and more app developers are including some kind of live streaming feature in their applications. 2017 will be the year when it will finally reach its peak. Digital marketers will be leaning towards live streaming for drawing in online crowds and generating massive traffic.
  • Data visualisation tools will expand and so will the need for data visualisation– As digital marketers will say data is the mother of marketing. Data helps us target consumers in a much precise and better way but these techniques don’t work like a charm yet. Mainly because the human brain is not wired to process vast amount of numerical data at the same time. Finally the technology is catching up and data visualisation tools are improving greatly. This will be a need of the hour and companies who do not apply data visualisation will definitely fall behind.
  • Brands will target niche markets – The available customers for online marketing will stagnate and with more and more companies coming into the foray of digital marketing, the narrative will need to shift. Rather than targeting a large crowd at once, marketers will like to take a more definitive approach to target specific sets of people for specific products.

If you are trying to hire a SEO service company to boost your online presence this New Year these things will be very important to keep in mind. The field is exploding and we do not know where will we end up .It is better to prepare and react to the circumstances smartly to remain competitive in this market.