Find Some of the Best Blogging Platforms to Write Your Blogs

Blogging Platforms to Write Your BlogsHere is a list of blogging platforms. Read, know and use them for your blog. These platforms have a number of advantages. Find here.

While concentrating on popularity and recognition, people forget to plan a proper blogging career. If the path is strong, few days fame won’t hamper the life long capacity of an individual. To start blogging one must know the structure of how to go for it. One has to establish a platform to set one’s foot on it. Also, there is an ample amount of blogging platform. One must be aware of them. They help in taking the ideas one produces, to the wide world out there. Every sincere blogger starts blogging with a massive idea that might bring a revolutionary change. Therefore bloggers are not mere writers who write about some random things. They pick and choose from the many. Business blogging too starts with the same idea. It creates new aspects for the clients to think. It makes the client think about what they want. The very thinking is a process of influencing marketing starts there.

The most popular platforms:-

There are various major platforms like Instagram and other social media. Between them, there are few that helps you publicize your writing. Content is of various forms like pictures, writings, videos etc. Among these, the most popular form is writing content. To write these contents one needs a proper place.

These places are:-


    This is a free source that helps you to make your website. It is the very first step to blogging.

  • Constant Contact Website Builder:-

    This is an artificial intelligence software also made to develop one’s blog. They host your website. And is also easy to use.

  • Gator:-

    It is created by HostGator. It is the beginner’s website. You get free domain and SSL certificate.


    This is used for blog hosting. You do not require any kind of set up here. It is super easy to manage as well.

  • Blogger:-

    This is a free blogging option to give out by Google itself. It is easy for non-tech-savvy users.

  • Tumblr:-

    This is not like other blogging sites. It regulates itself within the blogs itself. This is like a microblogging website. It posts other’s blogs getting in with reblogging. It has its own blogging tools.

  • Medium:-

    It is generally used by Journalists, Experts in the field. Cooling skills are also not required. It helps you reach a community that is already existing in the net.

  • SquareSpace:-

    It helps create beautiful, creative and innovative blogs at the same time. It has already designed templates. This makes your work faster.

  • Wix:-

    The last but not least on the list is WIX. You can use a lot of templates and also customize your website.

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