Find Which One is Better : A Mobile Website or A Responsive Website

Find Which One is Better : A Mobile Website or A Responsive WebsiteFind out which is the best a responsive or a mobile website. Get to know the difference. Also, find out why one is better than the other. Here get to know where to avail both the services.

A lot depends on the designing of the website. There are various types of designing. Because designing is solely restricted to the world of internet, it has different outlooks to it. Internet is a vast world. It is in every device. Every digital device, be it laptops, mobiles, tablets, even smart t.v. has internet connectivity. The supported format differs in various aspects. A site that works well or displays on a laptop might not be accessible with a cell phone. The sites that are accessible through all platforms are called responsive website design. They are not only accessible through laptops and desktops but also through cell phones. This is very different from mobile websites.

What are Mobile Websites?

Mobile websites are those websites that are solely accessible through cell phone. These websites fail to open and function in other digital devices. They require a different interface and a different URL to run in other devices.

Which is Better and Why?

The mobile websites are good because we are always glued to a cell phone. If a site is accessible through mobile phones, there is nothing good like that. But still, the responsive websites back popularity due to a lot of reasons.

  • A responsive website has a better spread over the viewership. The number of people can access the site to be it on a phone or a laptop. When websites get constricted to mobile-only, a lot of viewers are rejected. To bring them in the vicinity of larger views responsive website is more favourable.
  •  Many people find it difficult to cope with the mobile site because the view is puny. To the ones who have problem Viewing the mobile, are finally left with no option to switch over.
  • Mobile is also not available to some people in the rural belt they depend on the website for ideas.
  • Responsive websites tend to automatically resize the view and fit into any device. Therefore it more flexible

Adversities are more on sole mobile websites are many. Yet there is a mobile website that does pretty well. But logically speaking it restricts the view and constricts its reach itself. Therefore most of the digital marketing platforms are shifting from the mobile website to responsive ones.

Who Helps to Manage?

Be it a mobile or a responsive website, it is the SEO managing or webpage developing company that manages it. AGTS is the best website development company in Kolkata. It does both, responsive as well as mobile web development in Kolkata. You can also consult them. They would guide you on whether to go for responsive or a mobile website keeping in mind your marketing aim.