How Does SSL Certificates Contribute to Enhanced SEO Ranking?

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Is your website secure? If not,  avail of SSL certificates to improve security protocols & boost search rankings as per the leading website development agency in Kolkata.

Does SSL certification maximize your Search Engine Optimization efforts? Will it help you climb the SERP rankings? Should website development companies implement SSL certificates to enhance the user experience? 

Previously only 1% of the topmost websites were secure. For the longest time hardly any webmaster wanted to make a switch to the HTTPS version. But ever since search engine giant  Google made the announcement of HTTPS as a ranking measure and a key factor for protecting privacy, marketers have gone crazy. They are leaving no stones unturned to implement encrypted SSL certificates to enhance security protocols. 

Before understanding whether SSL certifications benefit the business or not, we need to clear doubts regarding HTTP and the challenges associated with it. 

Cons of HTTP Protocol:-

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)  helps in transferring information between customers and web servers. But the problem is it does not use any measure to keep the data protected for users. This raises questions against the privacy policy and whether it is safe to handle confidential website data.

The Main Disadvantages of HTTP are:-

  • Prone to changes and alterations in data due to the absence of encrypted code
  • Increased administrative overhead
  • Easy to be intercepted by hackers, thereby decreasing data privacy

Advantages of Switching Your Website to HTTPS:-

  • Secure connections should be the standard for all websites as it is impossible to know the level of threat. Moreover, with passing time, it has become easier to implement according to web development service providers in India. 
  • The SSL certificate is a product that you can use to achieve an encrypted connection to both a browser and your server. When you install it a green padlock will indicate to users that your site is safe. Due to the implementation of this certificate, your site will shift from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. 

Here Is How An SSL Certificate Will Benefit You:-

  • Helps your customers achieve the safest web experience by keeping their information safe from hackers.
  • If you check thoroughly over 40% of the sites ranking on the first page of Google are HTTPS. Thus if your site is not secured yet, you can fall back in the competition and lose out on reaching more customers.
  • Aids you in increasing your conversions because more customers will rely on you with the HTTPS tag. 

Therefore if you are about to start your new website, do not forget to choose HTTPS as this will garner peace of mind for both you and your customers. Avant-Garde Technologies provides successful digital marketing services in Kolkata. They help you increase brand awareness, shoot up your engagement rates, and conveniently spike up sales.

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