How To Examine Mobile Application Usability? Top 5 Tips To Follow

Mobile Application

Mobile apps are taking a significant place in our lives. The growing number of customers in a mobile application development company in Kolkata is proof of it.  

Mobile apps offer exclusive conveniences as well as user experiences. In fact, more mobile app development services in Kolkata are launching apps made by innovative ideas. This blog is all about mobile app usability testing. So, continue reading to gain complete insight. 

How To Test Mobile App Usability?

One can conduct mobile app usability testing taking into consideration certain factors. Some of them are given below.

  1. Analyze Objectives
  • In the initial stage, it is important to set up the test objectives as these can determine the result of the test. Hence, you can establish questions for the development team that explore some significant areas. 
  • These areas include markets, opportunities, competitors, ideal app roadmaps, and users as well. Any suggestion to your question from the team can help in identifying your goals. 
  1. Perform Tasks
  • Once your goal is set, you may have to set up the proper tasks so that the test outcomes are genuine. Also, this will help you to take the correct action after the test conduct. This is why you should ensure setting a task that appears a more natural interaction to users. 
  1. Test Documents For App Serviceability
  • Each android app development company in Kolkata asks for a few documents for the app serviceability tests. For instance the consent applications of the participants. 
  • Additionally, the post-test questionnaire becomes necessary for setting up as per the standard of PSSUQ and SUS. PSSUQ stands for Post-Study Usability Questionnaire and SUS stands for System Usability Scale.  
  1. Gather Participants In The Test
  • The user-oriented test aims to attain quality outcomes. Therefore, collecting the right participants for interacting with the application is relevant. For doing so, you must keep in mind certain things. 
  • Firstly, the user must represent the target audience. Secondly, participants must be confidential and carry the expertise for using the application. And finally, the user must own a device that works on the similar operating system the application is made to run. 
  1. Examine Methodologies
  • According to each mobile application developer in Kolkata, there are chiefly two test methodologies. These are in-person and remote examining methods. It is critical to select the right methodology in order to conduct the mobile app usability testing.


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