How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Better UX Designs?


If you want better conversion, you need to work on your website’s UX. So, consider all the factors and consult a professional digital marketing agency in Kolkata for the best results. 

Reasonable or high conversion rates imply that the business is getting more sales and revenue. The idea should be to build a clean, crisp website that will be high in creativity and uniqueness.

You Can Further Level Up Your Site Through:-

  • Attractive image captions
  • Compelling call-to-action options
  • Easy navigation tools
  • Balanced motion designs

So, for the successful running of your online business, you need a website that functions. Here are the top features of a website design that need your primary attention.

1. Landing Page: 

We are sure you already know that landing pages are sales pages. These should be designed in a way to persuade the visitors and make them click on the call-to-action button. You may also incorporate a short customized video with a beautiful message on the page for the purpose of brand promotion. 

2. Website Speed

Site’s speed depends a lot on UX design, and it highly influences a customer’s experience. So, if your page is loading slowly, you are definitely losing visitors. If you want a change in scenario and want to offer a better user experience, then you should start working on the site speed soon.

3. Do Not Forget SEO Metrics

Brands and businesses are in a neck-to-neck competition to occupy top ranks on Google and the driving factor is SEO. Without a thorough knowledge of the different technicalities of SEO, there will be an inconvenience. So developers should be aware of the best features and how to qualify for the top position on search engines. 

4. Accessibility Helps In Scoring Greater Credibility: 

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce websites as customers always prefer convenient solutions. A web app can easily be accessed through diverse operating systems or through different browsers and devices. So, according to experts from the best digital marketing company near me, it is essential that the app is robust. Also, it should run effortlessly on all platforms irrespective of it being big or small. 


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