How To Keep A Brand Feed Fresh And Active? 6 Social Media Tips

Coming up with new ideas every now and then is a challenge for every social media agency in Kolkata. Read this blog and know 6 important social media tips. 

Marketers are often expected to experiment with various social media profiles. Since your followers are hungry for fresh content, make sure you keep upto their expectations. Go through this blog till the end to discover some significant tips about social media marketing services in Kolkata. 

6 Social Media Tips For An Updated Brand Feed

  1. Create Daily Posts

When you have the opportunity to showcase your brand in front of the mass, make sure to do it right. Try posting almost regularly with informative and promotional content. Let them know what you are offering and not only on one platform but on several others. 

  1. Arrange A Contest Or Giveaway

Find out if your followers are participating actively by arranging a giveaway or contest. According to a study, 91% of Instagram posts having more than 1,000 likes and comments were basically a contest. Also, do not forget to add relevant hashtags and make the post even more interesting. 

  1. Share, Pin, Retweet For A Better Engagement 

It is impossible to post content every second. But you have to show your followers that your brand is still not dead. Hence, share or retweet some interesting posts from other brands as well. A retweet or regram is relatively effortless in comparison to a fresh post. 

  1. Create Small Video Clips

Video content marketing is a trend that every brand is following these days. Thus, create small video clips with some information regarding your products and services. You can also inform customers about new offers and discounts that your brand is offering. 

  1. Repurpose Your Content

50% of articles receive only eight shares on social media. So, should you waste the content? Absolutely not! Repurpose the same thing after some days so that it becomes visible to people who have not seen it. This is an excellent way to increase engagement and also keep your feed fresh and up to date. 

  1. Collaborate With Other Brands

Co-marketing has always been a win-win situation. Therefore, make the most of this opportunity by collaborating with other brands. Look for businesses to partner with that is not your competitors but target a similar audience. Make small videos with them and inform your followers about the same. Hence, keep an ever-engaging brand feed. 

To Conclude

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