How to Perfect the Different SEO Strategies offered by best SEO Company ?

Every new year brings with it several new and trending SEO strategies, used by the SEO company in Kolkata. Read this to know about the trends of the year 2019.

Those who are intimately familiar with digital marketing will know about the significance of Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the essential tools. After proper use and execution, it can make the business reach a high peak of success.

The tool of SEO is ever-evolving- in this technology-driven-world- the techniques and strategies associated with it is also changing every day. Consequently, it brings different results in the search engine algorithms. The year of 2019 has brought along new trends in this field, and every SEO company in Kolkata has begun to upgrade their services from time to time.

The SEO strategy is to organize a website by putting in good content, which further helps the search engines like Google understand and recognize the intent of the users. Optimization of a webpage around topics and linked keywords increase the expertise of the company in the eyes of different search engines.

Here are some of the trends that every best Seo company in India should follow to achieve upgraded and productive results.

1. Focusing on voice

In the year of 2016, Google had claimed that 20 percent of all the search queries were mobile-based and was also voice-based. This number has increasingly risen over these few years, with the launching of new devices like Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home, Google Assistant, Cortana, etc. People prefer asking questions through voice instead of taking time to type all the alphabets.

Therefore, for best results, marketers need to adapt their strategies to accommodate this change. It can be attained through the use of content and implementing long tail keywords. The content should have a conversational tone yet simple and straightforward. Experts say that the right idea is to include more syntax in everyday language. This will also be useful when the voice search becomes more sophisticated.

2. Not overlooking traffic from featured snippets

These are clips of condensed information which features at the top of the SERP. This way, the search engine users get a summary of the entire content along with the useful link to that particular article and website. Studies say that almost 10% of organic traffic is received from these snippets, which is why marketers from the best digital marketing agency in India are focusing on this.

3. Valuing user experience

A good comprehension of the user experience is the number one ranking factor, so all the search engines focus solely on it. The website should have a faster loading time; it should perform seamlessly on both mobile, laptop, and other portable mediums/devices. You should also be able to access it easily. Google has conducted different surveys and studies which have shown that significantly, about 40% of the visitors turn away from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Slow websites never rank high on SERPs. Besides, they also obtain a very lingering figure of website traffic.

4. Expanding horizons beyond Bing and Google

This technique is followed majorly by every affordable SEO services India. While Google and bing have indeed dominated the market for a long and unforgettable time, the currently changing industry has also introduced other platforms. The other search engine forums have started to make their presence known.

Cortana, Siri, Alexa – all draw their content from Google. Marketers now have started to explore beyond the conventional search engines. So that they can optimize their content and rank high even on these other, valuable platforms.

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