Is Blogging A Powerful Key Element For Digital Marketing Strategies?

Blogging is undoubtedly a powerful key element of any digital marketing company India. Dive deep into this blog if you want to know everything about blogging. 

As a matter of fact, blogging can increase leads upto 67% as well as generate 97% links on your website. Because of well-written and informative content, visitors can gain extensive knowledge about your business. Every digital marketing agency in Kolkata and in the world largely focuses on the importance of blogging. 

Significance Of Blogging In Digital Marketing Strategies

  • When you are blogging in the right way, you build value with these people on your site. Consumers love to get constant information and appreciate it when you take an initiative to educate them. Moreover, if they have any queries about a product or service you have written about, simply respond on your website. Unlike other social sites, a blog is easily searchable on your site. 
  • Blogs increase your SEO. Further, fresh content is the key to keeping you above your competitors. Google is fond of updated content, hence new content can eventually help you rank higher on SERP. This also enables you to optimize specific keywords about your products and services. However, it can be difficult to regularly update static content on your website. 
  • Finally, brand awareness is another exceptionally important component of digital marketing. Therefore, blog posting allows your business to show your potential prospects its personal side. Additionally, creating a connection between your customers and your brand is critical. Studies suggest that 60% of customers feel a connection with the brand after reading a custom blog.

Here Are Some Blogging Stats For 2022

Check out some interesting blogging statistics for 2022 that will get you writing. 

  1. 95.9% of bloggers promote their content on social media through informative content.
  2. Every day, people are writing more than four billion blogs.
  3. In 2020, the number of bloggers in the US was 31.7 million. The percentage is still rising.
  4. 77% of Internet users go through one blog daily.
  5. 70% of bloggers turn back to updating their content as part of their blogging strategy.
  6. 62% of digital marketers suggest they implement visuals as part of their blog content.
  7. In the US, the average base pay for each blogger is $50,403 a year.
  8. More than 72% of high-earning bloggers stress their content on a specific group. 
  9. One in ten bloggers is collaborating with influencers.
  10.  Brands with a blog generate 67% more leads than their competitors. 


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