Is Google My Business Useful For Boosting SEO And Content

Google My Business

Knowing the actual use of Google My Business is important for almost any SEO agency in Kolkata. This blog is all about how it helps in boosting content and SEO. 

As the foundations of content marketing services in Kolkata, we sometimes fail to understand a big responsibility. And that is to ensure our target audience gets quality content. Updating the Google My Business listing every week helps in sharing your present content. 

Reasons Why You Need Google My Business

On average, a business may receive 317 Map views and 943 Search views each month. This statistic proves that Google My Business is a wonderful opportunity for brands wanting more clicks and views in their content. As a matter of fact, you can also have a look at Google My Business Insights for collecting data for your google promotion service. This will further let you know how many people have viewed your listing or seen your content. 

However, GMB Insights can sometimes be inaccurate. So, it is a better idea to use Google tracking links in your posts. This will report engagements as well as clicks accurately in Google Analytics. Furthermore, it assists digital marketers to increase views on their posts without waiting for Google. The advantages of GMB go beyond simply getting clicks and views on your recent content. 

Frequent posting can help you earn a spot in the local 3-pack. This is particularly the position of the top 3 business listings having relevant search terms. However, this placement alone is the only reason to post once every week. 

Different Types Of Content To Create For Google My Business

  1. Maintain an accurate and complete listing 

Before you start posing any content, make sure that your GMB listing is accurate and complete. Things to check here are your business address, contact details, business hours, products/services, etc. Furthermore, you may also have to check your website links, social media accounts or other sources of data. No matter how basic it seems, you can neglect to work on these small details. 

  1. Share specials and offers 

Secondly, you can experiment with creating content exclusive to your GMB Listing. It is also significant to remember that the intent of your viewer is more transactional in nature. This simply means that you can take a direct sales approach. From offers to specials, these things are going to set your business apart from the competition. 


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