Key to Create Your Own Mobile App for Your Business Site

Mobile Application Development

Yes, definitely you do not need to be a web developer to know how to build a mobile app for your business site. There are many companies of mobile application development in Kolkata but sometimes it happens that one cannot afford to hire them or it is not required to hire a company for very less work. So if you just want to run a demo app or test your app in the market these app building tools might really help you to get your work done.

Platforms to develop your mobile app

If you decided to develop your own mobile app, then you should also need to the features of several platforms where you can develop it. For better results of your mobile application solutions, it is important that you go and understand in depth about the platforms.

  • Android: In Android apps can be created using Java. A free software development free kit can be downloaded where you get features like source code, different tools for developer, videos, and articles related to it.
  • Apple iOS: Thinking to use iOS platform, then you need to spend at least $99. You will get a range of selected tools, tips, guides for creating your app.
  • Blackberry: The best thing about Blackberry platform is that you get a hell lot of ideas, widgets, themes which you can use to build your app.

Choose your app development tool

There are sufficient app development tools available for a non – developer also. Here are some:-

  • AppMakr– This is one of the best platforms to design your app to be included in an iPhone. It is best for social networking stuffs. The features it includes are Geo-locations, notifications and JavaScript.
  • Mippin – This tool is largely used worldwide for building apps in Android and also in iOS. The best feature of this tool is that it gives you the flexibility to design your app according to your own choice. Another striking feature is that this app will itself helps to spread your app on Android, Windows or any e-commerce stores.
  • MobiCart – If you have an e-commerce business and because of that you definitely need a mobile app. Then this app can suit you the best, it will able to provide your customer an email address that will very easily help you to receive your payment without any mess.
  • MotherApp – Obviously, you can’t get to know all the codes, rather just learn the MotherApp that will be a solution for all the problems.