Know Why Digital Marketers Are Obsessed With Instagram Marketing

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Instagram is taking the world by storm. Should your business be on the platform? Yes, Hear from a digital marketing agency, why Instagram presence is crucial.

Instagram is the second most accessed network after Facebook. In the opinion of a social media agency in Kolkata, Instagram Marketing will write the success story of most businesses in the years ahead.

  • 80% of Instagram users cleared that it has helped them discover new products and services. 
  • 90% of Instagram audiences follow at least one business.

All these statistics prove how powerful Instagram has become. Thus brands today are actively taking a plunge in increasing their presence on online platforms. Not sure why Instagram is good for business? Let’s take a dive in. 

1. The Top Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Important For Your Brand:-

Storytelling is More Engaging:-

As you search for posts on Facebook, Instagram alters it with stories. We all have grown up with fairy tales that always ended on a happy note. Stories play an integral part in our lives as we are always on the search for interesting, funny, or dramatic events. Thus, according to a social media agency in Kolkata Instagram has struck a chord with consumers as it helps to create an emotional connection with them through stories. 

Instagram works on the concept of sharing pictures and videos primarily. Today’s customers prefer a more interactive approach other than the age-old product based techniques. Instagram gives you the chance to evoke an emotional response from your customers and create a positive impact on your business. 

Gives You Great Scope to Analyze User Feedback:-

If you have a business, then as a smart and efficient marketer you will always like to keep a tab on your brand’s image on social platforms. The perception of your customers about your brand will give you an insight into whether your marketing campaigns are met with success or not. 

What people are commenting on and posting about your brand will have a lasting impression on hundreds of others. So, you can use  Instagram search tools to discover audiences’ feedback. If you are unaware of how to process, get in touch with an online marketing agency in Kolkata.

Cater to A Wider Range of Audience:-

You can tap into an active user base of 700 million accounts on Instagram. If you are not using this social media platform you are definitely losing out on a bunch of new opportunities and also on new audiences. Posting on the platform with the right hashtag will drive your content to the right audience.

A professional from a  social media marketing company in Kolkata pointed out that marketers can also reach potential customers of their niche through targeted Instagram ads. 

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