Learning 2016’s Designing Patterns for Logo Services


Brand image is important for branding to companies. Whether it is a start-up or an existing bigger firm, the logo is essential like naming your company. It is something that will make you identifiable among all other agencies competing within the same industry. Equally convincing, engaging and creative are the logos alleviating you, the brand to face the storms of a competitive market hub. The intention is not to make you feel lost in the waves, among the thousands for which seeking aids from the specialist sounds better. Avant Garde Technologies, being a Web Design & Development Company tells you what are the trending designs of a logo for 2016.

Why are trends so important?

Now for the web designers, specializes in Logo designing, the trending lines of 2016 should be succulent. Why is it so? First, the knowledge would personally favor them on their updated portfolio. Second, it is hard to satisfy the clients having their sets of preferences. Thirdly, since brands story tells their motto in the simplistic form visible to its audiences this becomes vital. Fourthly, the artistic credential is driven by uniqueness assisting the official website in reaching the highest lead in social media.

The Latest Trends of 2016:

Herein are the enlistments of top 11 themes,

    • Flat – They are simple, scalable and compatible with numerous mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones. Thus making companies like Microsoft, Windows, Netflix change from their 3-D logos in 2000’s to the current flat styles.
    • Friendly Typography – The reason for deciding upon the sans-serifs typefaces is its user visibility no matter what type of gadgets people seem to be favoring. Google in September 2015 changed their traditional serif font to that of sans-serif front. The in-house designing team creatively designed to make it scalable at any size.
    • The Minimalism – Though not new is the idea of minimalism, prevalent from interior designing to web designing, it is incessantly ruling the logo designers good book. Moreover, it focuses on the flat designing part that uses minimal colors that attract visibility of buyers. Briefly, a simple style indicates a straight to the point attitude which in the long run increases the client base as well. Presumably, it makes clients trust the brand for its simplicity and to straight to the bull’s eye managerially envisions.
    • Navigate Space – Creating a buzz in 2016, corporate geeks, news channels or media houses are using different color codes, or what we say rainbows in their logos. Perhaps the reason being they are responsible for delivering news of different ranges.
    • Mix n Match – Generally varied fronts are used for the words, in a way highlighting a particular one. Even front colors too are differently used to give a newer look and prompting clear visibility.

Lastly, the best of the lot would be the Recurring Theme; originally a mature version of the flat Logo Design Services might prefer this over all in the year 2016.