Mobile App Downloads: An Introduction To The Concept Of Marketing

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A number of mobile app development services in Kolkata want to take a step closer to their audience. And the most effective and proven way is mobile app downloads.

Every other industry is adapting itself to the digital medium. Each action takes place online. From advertising a product to buying a service! So, it is quite obvious that the mobile application developer in Kolkata is finding ways to become more reliant and productive to their audience. Let’s find out what the market leaders have to say. 

Tricks To Increase App Download:

1. App Store Optimization

  • App store optimization is an integral step that increases app downloads. This is something every single mobile app development company in Kolkata does and you should do it too. Try optimizing with the description of your app, accompanied by a title and relevant keywords. 
  • Also, don’t forget the metadata! Here, the Google AdWords keyword tool comes in handy. Hence, when someone submits the app to the app store, it is imperative to select the proper category. Ensure that the category is significant to your app but do not over-saturate it. 

2. Don’t Forget To Invest In Marketing

  • App store optimization alone won’t do anything unless you optimize your marketing efforts. Even the mobile app development company near me considers the urge of people to install their app through 360-degree marketing efforts.
  • Ensure that your company has a strong public appearance on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, etc. earn their trust, and portray your best possible products and services. This will eventually result in putting your marketing efforts. 

3. Offer Something More Than The Site

  • Website visibility is still possible but what becomes difficult is the app downloads among the clients. For serving this purpose, it is obvious that you need to offer something more than you are at your site. 
  • Further, inform your target audience about the same. For example, the visitors may access a variety of in-app features which are not there on the website. These steps definitely encourage users to download your app.

4. Retargeting Is Essential

  • Target that one ad which was the most popular among the audience. Consider running retargeting ads, but do not become too monotonous. Instead, try promoting your mobile app through the products they have seen earlier. 
  • There is a 70% chance that the users will re-visit your site and download the app if there is a compelling advertisement.


If you are eager to optimize these steps and make your app popular among clients, get in touch with the best mobile application development company in Kolkata, AgtsIndia. Having a strong grip on the audience, the industry holds a valuable place. So, head over to them today. Call us now at, +91 9331198811 for an appointment.

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