The Most Powerful Technologies Required To Build Premium Quality Websites

An attractive looking multi-functional website has become a must-have for any organization in the world. Web development is currently a lucrative profession in Kolkata because day by day, more and more organizations in various parts of the world are becoming heavily dependent on Kolkata IT Web Solutions for efficiently building, enriching and maintaining their respective official websites.

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To build a cutting-edge, highly functional website, a rich set of web technologies are required, the most popular and powerful of which are concisely described below:

HTML: Hyper Text Markup language is abbreviated as HTML. It is the language of the web. It creates the structure of any web page in the web. It ensures the foundation of a web page which is used to extend its functionality. The latest version of commercially used HTML is HTML5.

CSS: Cascading style Sheets is abbreviated as CSS. It ensures the attractiveness of the presentation of any web page on the web. In simple words, it is used to decorate a web page. But it can be applied to a web page only after it is created using HTML. The latest version of commercially used CSS is CSS3.

PHP: Hypertext Pre-processors is abbreviated as PHP. It is the largest used programming language in the world for developing highly interactive websites. It is the cheapest technology for developing state-of-the-art websites. Using PHP, developing any website takes minimum time and effort. Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking website was developed and is continuously enhanced using PHP.

MySQL: MySQL is the database management system application software which is used for storing all the important data needed to accomplish programming by PHP. It ensures complete security of the stored data and is very economical to install and use. It is a rich combination of web technologies used to create attractive looking websites having all types of functionality including online form fill up, online product review submission, online inquiry system, online booking system, online examination system, online shopping system and others. It is used for building feature-rich websites in very short amount of time with less programming.

WordPress: Content is what a website is visited for. The content of a website is needed to be effectively maintained. To accomplish content maintenance of a website, a content management system is needed. WordPress is currently the world’s largest used content management system. Apart from content management, it can also be used for developing websites and web applications with no previous development experience using HTML. WordPress is used to write, upload and publish blogs. It can also be used to facilitate social networking. It offers beautiful themes to embellish a web page.

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