Social Media: 7 Types And Their Advantages In Your Business!

Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing services in Kolkata, why have limited options? Discover seven different types of social media and their wonders in business. 

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not the only platforms that let you run your business promotions smoothly. In this blog, you will discover some categories of social media that will help you to make a wise decision. So, let’s begin with the top social media agency in Kolkata

Social Media Platforms And Formats To Know In 2022

  1. Social Media Audio Platforms 

Audio social media platforms such as Spotify or Twitter spaces come to use for listening to live conversations. Your business may use these platforms for acquiring greater attention as well as engagement. Begin with hosting industry panels as well as broadcasting news and announcements. 

  1. Social Media Video Platforms

Talking about social media video platforms, businesses must think of Youtube. Other social media video platforms include Instagram Reels and Stories and Facebook Watch as well. Video platforms work best for capturing the attention of the audience. Moreover, it also helps you to drive brand awareness.

  1. Discussion Platforms 

Some examples of discussion forums are Reddit and Quora. Your business can use these platforms to ask and answer questions and also form networks. Further, you can make communities depending on a particular niche. This will make your business more helpful to your customers. 

  1. Contents That Will Disappear

There are certain platforms that allow you to post stories only for 24 hours. For instance, Snapchat, Facebook Stories, and Instagram stories. Businesses can use this format to send ephemeral messages privately. Ephemeral platforms such as stories are best for posting timely content and important information. 

  1. Social Media Platforms That Promotes e-Commerce 

Shopify, Facebook Shops, and Douyin are some platforms that promote shopping. Your business may use it for researching and purchasing products directly from brands. You can take advantage of built-in mobile features thereby allowing the audience to purchase easily. This can additionally drive traffic to your website. 

  1. Live Streams 

For doing a live stream, you can choose social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook/Instagram live. Live streams are a great way to broadcast live videos to multiple viewers. Moreover, it can vary from one person to another along with what they do on the screen. 

  1. Social Media Business Platform

Both Twitter and LinkedIn are social media business platforms. Connecting with professionals and potential customers becomes easy with such platforms. 

To Sum Up

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