Social Media Trends That Are Crucial For Digital Marketers

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Today, digital promotions using social media marketing services in Kolkata know no boundaries. However, there are some trends that marketers must know. Learn more!

When it comes to online marketing, social media marketing plays a pivotal role. Not only it has an impact on people’s way of communicating but also the marketer’s way of doing business. This is why the best social media marketing company in Kolkata has come to your rescue. Get ready to bookmark this blog for your future reference. 

Tried And Tested Social Media Marketing Trends For Marketers 

  • Instagram Reels- a massive success

Instagram is embracing a paradigm shift ever since users have asked for more entertainment. Reels are nothing but short videos (preferably 15 minutes) based on the most trending topics. Nowadays, Instagram reels are becoming very popular among the audience. Video content has always been more engaging than images. Moreover, the short duration of reels makes it more interesting for marketers to hunt their prospective customers. 

  • Facebook Ads over everything 

The latest pixel debacle of Facebook Ads is making them one of the most effective marketing methods. There is some fancy footwork that makes it easier to market certain products. 2022 is the era of shorter attention spans. Hence, you have to think short if you really want to win. Videos that are highly informative, entertaining and short catch the attention of the audience very easily. 

  • Don’t forget the tags 

From Instagram to Facebook and even Youtube, tags have been taking up the whole space. When you attach relevant tags to your post, you are gaining higher exposure. However, the rule of thumb is not to stuff your post with multiple tags. Put only what is necessary and you will notice the change yourself!

  • Influencer marketing 

Fourthly, influencer marketing is coming to the limelight because of obvious reasons. Both Facebook and Instagram approach users having a large follower base. Further, they use it as an advantage for marketing their products and services. Influencer marketing has become a big hit and almost recognized brands optimize this strategy. 

  • Twitter for the one with spaces

When it comes to Spaces, Twitter is the one marketing platform that you must choose. It is becoming a powerful way for marketers to establish online connections. Moreover, businesses can serve their communities through informational content and conversations. The best part is Twitter needs nothing but your phone!


Social media marketing has become easier with these marketing tips. Get in touch with Agts India, the best social media agency in Kolkata for acquiring such important information. Along with its team of professionals, the industry is all set to become the biggest digital marketing company in Kolkata.