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Know Why Digital Marketers Are Obsessed With Instagram Marketing

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Instagram is taking the world by storm. Should your business be on the platform? Yes, Hear from a digital marketing agency, why Instagram presence is crucial.

Instagram is the second most accessed network after Facebook. In the opinion of a social media agency in Kolkata, Instagram Marketing will write the success story of most businesses in the years ahead.

  • 80% of Instagram users cleared that it has helped them discover new products and services. 
  • 90% of Instagram audiences follow at least one business.

All these statistics prove how powerful Instagram has become. Thus brands today are actively taking a plunge in increasing their presence on online platforms. Not sure why Instagram is good for business? Let’s take a dive in. 

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Some FAQs on Social Media Marketing for Improving Business

Social media is very powerful. This is why social media marketing company in Kolkata are hired by businesses to reach out to people. Here are some FAQs.

Social Media has attained a cult status today. It is the most powerful medium of communication today – reaching out to thousands at the same time. That is the reason why social media marketing company in Kolkata are hired by business houses to reach out to people and potential customers through social media marketing. Here are some FAQs: Continue reading Some FAQs on Social Media Marketing for Improving Business

Tips to Build up Good and Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very effective today. Any good social media marketing company in kolkata can help design it effectively. Here are some tips.

Social media is the most happening thing right now in the web world. There isn’t a corner of the nation where the web world and in turn social media hasn’t made its presence felt. So, it is quite obvious that marketing through social media has a huge potential. It is important to use this opportunity and create a digital presence so that it aids in the marketing process. Any good social media marketing company in kolkata makes best use of the situation and ensures that the social media is best used to reach out to different potential customers.
But the social media is a tricky and crowded place, where many companies are vying for attention as well. So, how do we ensure that the social media marketing that is being done is appealing enough to the potential customers so as keep them engaged ?

  • Content is the King: In case of social media posts, content is the king and an informative, interesting and relevant topic is always of interest for people. The content should be stand-out enough for people to find it engaging and the more engaged people are with the social media posts, greater are the possibilities of conversion of traffic to business.
  • Relevance: The social media posts must be relevant to not just the products and services but can also blend effortlessly with the current trends. Usage of ‘today’ language, information, topics and
    linking it with the marketing would only go on to improve the possibilities of a better business prospect using the social media.
  • Creativity matters: In case of social media marketing, creativity is as important as technical aspect. In social media a creative content always helps create a buzz and if it makes for an interesting read
    then there are greater possibilities of people visiting the social media sites again and again.
  • Interactive: A social media content must be interactive so that the readers too can be a part of it and are able to relate themselves with the company. This camaraderie building is very important for
    sustainability of the business. Also, the social media contents must be easily shareable so that the readers who like certain information or content can easily share with their friends and family. This helps to in fact expand the business potential of the company.
  • Special Something: Special events, contests, announcements always attract a lot of readers. If marketed well, these special initiatives can garner a lot of interest and can help more customers to go in for the product or service. These are especially important during the time of festivals and functions where people do look forward to some interesting offers for them.

These are little tips on ways by which social media marketing can be made more attractive and more important in terms of business. Any efficient social media agency in kolkata would help do that effectively.