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How to keep website up & running smoothly for your clients?

 Tips for Maintaining a Website

In the present era, websites have unquestionably taken the place of other channels of contact between businesses and their customers. Know more from website developer near me

The adage “The first impression is the last impression” is accurate.

The first thing we do when we need any good or service is hunt up the appropriate vendors and visit their websites. If your website isn’t interesting and worthwhile, do you believe people would ever come back? Or you might think that after you produce a gorgeous website, your work is done.

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How To Pick A Web Designer For Your Web Development Project?

choose the right web developer

The quality of your website design has a significant impact on your site’s visitors. A web development company in kolkata can assist you in learning more.

The design of your website accounts for 90% of your client’s first impression of your company. It is a window through which your visitors can see what your company is all about. If your website is unappealing or out of date, it will fail to make an impression on your visitors. You’ll lose leads because they’ll leave your page for one of your competitors. With the expertise of a website developer near me, you can amend all the errors and give a good start to your business. 

Some helpful hints for selecting the best web designer for your web development project.


First, you must conduct extensive research, and we are not referring to web design firms that you like. It is about everything design-related in the company, not just what to look for in a web designer.

There are many established agencies, but only a few will be the best web design agency for you. Pay close attention to page loading speed, as it is an important factor in SEO and is heavily reliant on good web design.


Is there anything else you can look at to get a better understanding of their abilities or business acumen?

Do they blog, or do they have a way to showcase their talents on YouTube? Were they portrayed as the government in popular movies or advertised in popular ads?

Aside from design skills, it is critical to know that your design is being updated with other aspects of web design – SEO best practices, email marketing integration, and so on.


Although it may appear obvious, you want the web designer/developer to be aware of the best practices and methods for creating websites that are easy to find and use.

When it comes to web design, there are certain skills that every designer should possess, but most importantly, they should incorporate them.


Website design as a business that does not require formal information. While you would never consider going to a doctor who does not have a medical degree and licence, the majority of web designers do not have a formal education in web design.

So, while you don’t have to ask if they have a master’s degree in computer science, you can look for other papers to demonstrate their experience and industry connections.


Trust Avant-Garde Technologies to help you get your business off to a good start with the latest  website maintenance services. It is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Kolkata. So, let them guide you through the nitty-gritty of how to design a compelling website.

What Is The Concept Of Domain Authority? 5 Ways To Improve It

Domain authority

In a website development company in Kolkata, domain authority measures your website’s strength more than your competitors. Read this blog to know more about it. 

DA or Domain Authority is eventually a rating scale for websites. In technical web design services, it is one of those factors that predict what ranking your site will achieve on search engines. This scoring system judges both the relevance and strength of any website. 

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Here Are The Ways To Construct An SEO-Friendly WordPress Website


It is a popular fact that wordpress maintenance services make it easy to execute SEO practices. This blog is all about creating an SEO-friendly WordPress Website.

If you are a beginner website developer in Kolkata, then you should definitely read this blog till the end. It has all the necessary details about crafting a WordPress website. Check out how you can optimize it for the search engine. 

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