Tips to Enhance the App Store Ranking of Your Mobile App

mobile app store optimizationThe mobile app is a smart business strategy today. However, you need to do the app marketing cleverly to improve your ranks. Here are some tips to enhance rankings.

The mobile app is the most popular digital business strategies these days. With mobiles ruling the market, it is the best way to reach out to your clients and also compel them to use your products and services. You can do wonders with mobile app marketing and make a good profit. However, it is important to concentrate on your app’s ranking as well. Here are factors which impact your ranking :

Improving Your App Store Ranking:-

  • The app’s title is one of the major areas where you can earn your brownie points. Ensure that you include important keywords in the title of your app. It is seen that apps which have keywords in their title have a higher rank than those which don’t. Make your app title catchy, short and yet do not forget to include keywords.
  • The next major thing which impacts your ranking is your targeted keywords. Though here the restriction is to use keywords of 100 characters as the limit. But this should not deter you from using your keywords cleverly. Do not repeat the same keyword for the title as well. Due to the character limitation select apt keywords which can push your chances higher. Use keywords which has less competition but can ensure higher traffic volume.
  • One of the key ways your ranking van improve is by enhancing the number of downloads. More people downloading your app will push up your ranking so build enough popularity for your app and make it beneficial and easy to use so that more and more number of people download and use your app. One of the good things these days is that anything of utility is shared easily through publicity. So improved publicity can ensure you get more people interested in your app and more number of downloads.
  • Mere downloading is not enough, every positive review and feedback counts. A customer will give positive feedback only when he is fully satisfied with your app. So, ensure that your app provides good customer experience and every good experience makes your ranks higher. So, take special care to design your app in the best way possible.

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