Top 3 Reasons To Use .STORE As An Ecommerce Domain Extension

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For an engaging ecommerce website, choose a domain name and extension that drives visibility & ranking. Head over to a reputed ecommerce website design company for advice.

Are you planning to sell online? Does your ecommerce business need a digital address? If yes, you should start building an interactive, robust website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. However, when creating an ecommerce website, the first thing you will need is a catchy domain name. A domain name is a web address of an e-store. You should contact a reliable ecommerce website development company to help you in this process. 

Starting a  great brand begins with pickling a great domain name. For effective branding and harboring customer trust, your domain name is of utmost importance. It will give your customer an insight into what to expect from your brand. There are various ways to convert website traffic quickly through paid advertising techniques and ad campaigns. But to gain success in the long run and to thrive in business, building an outstanding brand is the fundamental requirement. 

The struggle to find a relevant, easy, short, and meaningful domain extension is getting real with each passing day. A domain extension should be such that it evokes professionalism and trust among customers. According to eCommerce website development experts,  registering a .STORE domain extension for your ecommerce business is perfect in terms of both branding and SEO perspective. Don’t believe us? Here are some compelling reasons that will help us prove our point. 

Benefits Of Using .STORE As A Domain Extension For Ecommerce Website:-

  • Strong and Memorable:  In the year 2020, the ecommerce industry witnessed a massive boom, and thus finding the right domain name and extension has become very crucial for brands to bring their store online. The .STORE domain extension can boost your brand awareness. It is an extension that has been crafted ideally for retail and ecommerce. This makes it easy for customers to understand your business type and is easy to remember.
  • Stronger SEO Score: It is needless to say that Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of organic marketing. High-quality backlinks from your website are essential to improve your organic search. The catch here is the closer is the anchor text to the domain name or focus keyword, the stronger is the backlink. It helps to improve your ranking on the search engine as well. 
  • Budget-Friendly: The popular domain extensions like .net are highly expensive. On the other hand, .STORE is relatively less pricey and will definitely fit into your budget. Also, there are several extensions that are location or country-specific. For a digital business, it is better to own a domain that doesn’t have any geographical limit. 

Thus to conclude we can say that .STORE domain name can help you build a better online brand, gain more organic traffic, build trust among the target audience and make your offline marketing game more strong. 

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