Top 4 Secrets To Keep In Mind When Leveraging Single Page Website


A lot of companies offering website designing services in India prefer to opt for single-page websites. Read this blog and know the reason behind doing this.

If you own a web development company in Kolkata, then this blog will create an urge to use single-page websites. The biggest reason to optimize single-page websites is that it reduces the development cost. 

Top 4 Secrets To Leverage Single Page Website

  1. Opt For Pagination 

Web crawlers love to work with paginating structures, having relevance to multiple page layouts. The actual challenge is when restructuring the format for a single-page website. 

As a business, you may paginate the structure of a web page by making clear and distinct sections. The extra benefit is that pagination enables you to navigate easily. You may also integrate suitable keywords for every section and accordingly optimize it. 

Additionally, the best way to categorize and separate each section of the single-page website is to assign a distinctive DIV. 

  1. Optimizing Anchor Links

When you leverage website design services, you will notice that there are no distinctive URLs or links for optimization. But, you may use anchor links when optimizing. These links help to land on a specific section of the page. 

Further, you may also optimize the page by taking the assistance of the same DIVs for the anchor links. Do not forget to deploy these links on the navigation bar for achieving the desired results. 

  1. Distinguish Sections By Using H1 Tags 

When you deal with SEO aspects, you are well-aware of how essential it is to have H1 tag optimization. Furthermore, it is also significant to note that a website must use an H1 tag for one page and H2 or H3 for distinctive headings. 

Now the confusion is how to optimize tags for a single page? H1 tag is ideal for separating every section. This ultimately helps the web crawler to sort information because H1 tags determine the content’s uniqueness. 

  1. Keep The Contents Brand New 

In order to achieve higher ranks in SERP, you must ensure that your website complies with the fresh content factor. It is important to keep in mind that if you do not follow proper guidelines, then Google can even penalize your page. 

Hence, put in your best efforts and keep the content brand new. The act of keeping the contents fresh for multiple-page websites is quite easy. However, it is somewhat difficult for single-page websites. 

To Conclude

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