Focus On The Signification Of Developing Mobile Friendly Websites

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On April 21st, 2015, Google announced that it has expanded its algorithms and is now considering mobile-friendliness as an essential factor for ranking. This means a lot of the online/internet players had to adapt their websites to the mobile platform. Moreover, with the rising number of mobile and smartphone users all across the globe, every Web Development Company In Kolkata should be able to cater to the convenience of mobile users in order to increase business prospects. 

Majorly referred to as the phenomenon of “mobile geddon,” with every passing day, Google is stressing on the influence of mobile-friendliness. But the important question is why this and what are its results?   

What is a mobile-friendly website? 

The website designed by the Web Development Company In Kolkata for mobile phones is formatted in such a manner that it gets displayed on a smaller screen. This is especially for smartphones and tablets. Since people spend more time on these devices, it is imperative that the visitors get an easy and positive mobile viewing experience. The following factors should be paid attention to –

  • Easier navigation.

  • The bigger the size of the text, the legible font and content fitting the page appropriately.

  • Touch-friendly, large buttons.

  • Fast download speed.

How important is it?

Studies conducted every year shows that mobile traffic is surpassing website traffic.  For the past few years, people are consistently accessing the internet via their mobile phones. Mobile accounts form almost 80% of the website traffic. Studies conducted by Google also states that almost 61% of users are unlikely to return to any mobile site if they have any trouble accessing the websites there.   

  • Mobile websites have higher demand – Mobile phones being the easiest online accessing platform,  visiting any website on this device reduces the frustration of the users as well as saves a lot of their time. You can also check it anywhere irrespective of place and time
  • Wider brand engagement-  Mobile websites have easy functionality and consistency in terms of usage. It highly increases the engagement of the audiences with the brand since mobile websites reach a wider audience base in significantly less time. This way, you can also benefit from better business results. 
  • SEO Improvement –  Mobile friendly websites contribute a great deal to the proficiency of the business. It is also important for organic search results. Unfriendly websites get a penalty of lower search engine rankings on Google. This way, the potential website traffic of the company will receive a negative impact.   

A mobile-friendly website done by the Web Development Services In Kolkata has the following advantages –   

  1.  Capability to capture more traffic.

  2. High rankings and more search traffic for the local and common terms and phrases.

  3. Improves the bounce rate as it brings down the frustration of mobile users.

  4. Duplicate content from managing two different websites can be avoided.

  5. It is cost-effective.

  6. Saves precious development time for creating one single website.

  7. Satisfactory user experience across several devices.

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