What’s New in WordPress 5.0? Know How to Get the Most Out of It

Web Development Company in KolkataToday, every reputed web development company in Kolkata uses WordPress 5.0. Many new features are added in this version of WordPress. Have a look at these.

It was 6th December when WordPress 5.0 was introduced. Every time WordPress comes with a new version with new and improved features. And this, it is WordPress 5.0 editor known as ‘Gutenberg’. Almost every Web Development Company in Kolkata has already started using it for creating new websites. You must be knowing that WordPress can be installed for free and it is an open-source CMS ( Content Management System) that helps in creating webpages and apps. WordPress is always preferred by all developers as it is quite easy to use and has the most compelling characteristics. And the latest version of it ( WordPress 5.0) has set the easiest way to develop websites with much more ease and speed.

Mostly, the previous versions of WordPress did not have much effect on the developers’ minds in terms of usability. WordPress 5.0 is quite different. The significant alterations are its block-based editor and its default theme ‘Twenty Nineteen’. Come, let’s have a glance at the broader aspect of this new and improved version.

The Theme of WordPress 5.0 – Twenty Nineteen:-

Those who have used WordPress must be knowing that a new theme is introduced every year. And the latest one introduced is the Twenty Nineteen theme. The updated WordPress version has this theme by default and has a very basic style along with tons of plugins to be used as per the requirement. This has brought a smile in the faces of the developers as they can now create any kind of website using these plugins and the other features of WordPress 5.0.

The Block-based editor of WordPress 5.0 – Gutenberg:-

Gutenberg is the block-based editor, which allows the developers in creating layouts and in adding contents to the blog page of the website using the blocks. The blocks have spaces for writing paragraphs, heading, quotes, etc and adding images, cover photos, audios, videos, files, codes, buttons, etc to the website. There are forty blogs in this WordPress version that lets you add these to the website. You can just move the blocks for creating beautiful layouts without even writing any code. Website development is much easier with the release of this big beast in the website development world. This is the reason why most of the well-known providers of Website Designing Services in Kolkata have started using this platform ( WordPress 5.0 ).

Reusable Blocks

With WordPress 5.0, you can reuse the saved codes for the other projects too. With this, you can save plenty of time that you might have wasted in writing the codes repeatedly. All you need to do is to create a block and save it as the reusable block. Later, you can simply clock on the block and reuse it by naming it and then again saving it.

Hope this blog was able to provide you adequate information about what’s new in WordPress 5.0. This is certainly a much-awaited version of WordPress’s for every developer.