What Are The Best SEO Practices To Structure Website URLs? 

Do you want to gain a complete understanding of structuring website URLs? Then, read this blog by the biggest digital marketing company India and take ideas. 

Optimizing URLs with logical SEO practices is no rocket science. However, it is not as simple as ‘ABC’ either. Hence, here is a little idea that can help you create SEO-friendly URLs along with fewer hassles. Discover what the best SEO company in India has to say. 

A Short Guide To Structuring Website URL With SEO Practices 

Opt for a reliable domain

  • Your selection of domain may not affect the SEO directly, but it will decide how the users will resonate with your site. You cannot neglect the significance of choosing the top-level domain because the user experience is an integral SEO factor. 
  • You can use domains such as “biz” and “pro” as there is barely any upfront technical benefit in using “.com.” However, you must understand that the psychological impact of optimizing “.com” affects the SEO experience. 

Keep The Length Consistent

  • Short URLs rank better on the search engines than the longer ones. In fact, you should check each URL page by page to notice the difference. It is ideal to choose within the bandwidth of 50 to 60 characters. Anything going beyond 80 characters can be disastrous for your search engine optimization. 
  • To maintain this limit, you should stress the economical choice of words. Besides, using superficial words not only confuses the readers but also goes against SEO practices. 

Optimize Hyphens 

  • A lot of us tend to miss the details like whether to use underscores or hyphens in the URLs. Google suggests using the characters instead of underscores in the URLs. Because it is relatively easy for both users and search engines to detect hyphens. 
  • Additionally, you must never fill the URLs with invalid characters. Google can decode these characters but keeping them simple helps the search engine index. Consequently, your website will rank faster. 

Enhance Readability

  • Finally, you must never stretch the URL by stuffing extra words that are absolutely unnecessary. To keep your URL short as well as crisp, prevent adding a lot of forwarding folders or slashes. Using more than two folders will simply end up confusing your visitors. 
  • URL readability is all about reducing the essence of any page content within five words. Whether you write top-notch protocol, domain or path, the lowercase must create URLs. Because it will give quicker allowance indexing by Google. 


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