What Are The Steps To Create Compelling Business Websites? 5 Tips


It takes a lot of effort to design a beautiful, user-friendly website. However, the process becomes a lot easier when you take the help of a web design company. 

There are a number of tips for website developers that can help them to achieve success. To attain the most appropriate website designing services in Kolkata, website designers and developers have to work in collaboration. Let’s discover the tips to design a compelling business website. 

Top 5 Tips To Outline An Effective Business Website

  1. Change Your Site To Mobile Responsive

A major portion of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In fact, 60% of Google searches take place on mobile devices. 4 in 5 local clients conduct local searches on search engines. With such a change in people accessing the Internet, it is crucial for any site to become mobile responsive. This enhances your website’s user experience for mobile users. It also increases the dwell time of your website.

  1. Make Your Site Easily Navigable

Visitors on your website must be able to find the most relevant pages without taking the pain of constantly searching. The rule of thumb is that your users must not click on more than 3 links before accessing the page they want. By designing, your website will help visitors to find relevant information. 

  1. Put Your Contact Information On The Top

This is undeniably the most important piece of information that users need to avail of website designing services in Kolkata. They do not require you to visit numerous pages before finding the most relevant information. In other cases, certain websites provide a link above the fold of their page. This leads ultimately to their contact page. Additionally, it marks a good instance of a page that leaves contact information right on the top. 

  1. Aim On Clean Design

You may have the most informative content on your website. However, if you have a poor design, you may have to struggle to attract and retain customers. Since your website design is the topmost impression a visitor has about your business, make sure to have a clean design. This can encourage your visitors to spend more time. 

  1. Efficient Color Scheme 

To make your website a good design, you must have a colour theme. With this, it becomes easier for visitors to recognize your website. Hence, it also affects the overall design of your website. Follow these steps to design the most effective business website. 


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