What Is The Future Of Social Media Channels In Today’s Marketing?

Social Media

Social media marketing services in Kolkata have become one of the most defining technologies of the modern era. Marketing has become easier with social media.

The collection of software-based digital technologies is making the operations of any social media marketing company in Kolkata easier. Just as we use social media for our personal activities, a lot of marketing companies optimize it for the better advertisement of products and services.

The Immediate Future Of Social Media In Marketing

  • Previously, there was barely any interference of social media in day-to-day marketing activities. But that’s not the case today. A social media agency in Kolkata is present everywhere when it comes to marketing. At the current day, we live in a world where social media intersects with each aspect of our lives. 
  • For example, when we need food, we surf Swiggy or Zomato, for music, it’s Spotify and for work it’s LinkedIn. Traditional social media platforms are augmenting themselves to offer a broader array of services. The Omni-social trend today raises several questions such as how will social connection impact consumer behaviour today?
  • The idea of making celebrities market your product is the most recent addition to marketing. This is known as influencer marketing. For Example, a celebrity or a popular face on social media with a huge number of followers advertise your product. This ultimately increases its sales. 
  • Social media has made it simpler to reach an audience. Facebook and Instagram have the ability to attract the most potential customers with just a tap. 

What Are The Privacy Concerns On Social Media?

  1. Social media is a gift for a number of marketing agencies. However, the privacy concerns on social media platforms are undeniable. Account hacking and impersonation is the first and foremost privacy concern. Spammers and hackers try to get into our lives daily by stealing our private data.
  2. When they get the necessary information, they move to the next level of stalking and harassment. A study shows more than 95.5% of people have come across social media harassment at least once in their life. Marketing industries also live under the fear of stalking and potential harassment. 
  3. Additionally, a lot of marketing industries have to keep a check on their locations. Because location-form services are the most prone to stalks and harassment. Proper guidance must be taken on the activity of automatically collecting location data on social media applications. 


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