What Is The Future Scope Of Digital Marketing In 2022?

Are you eager to know what are the possibilities of a digital marketing agency in Kolkata in 2022? Then, read this blog till the end and get most of the answers. 

We all know how marketing techniques have been evolving because of the ways in which consumers get information. With the rise of the Internet, digital marketing has been progressing enormously. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic drives the scope of every digital marketing company India even further online. 

Why Do Businesses Use Digital Marketing? 

Here are some reasons why companies use digital marketing.

  1. Eases Down Audience Targeting

Digital marketing helps businesses to optimize data for targeting audiences depending on several factors. This can be gender, location, age, education as well as interests. Brands may also retarget potential customers who are familiar with their business by using different messages for each audience. 

  1. High ROI, Low Investments

The expense per lead with digital marketing is 61% less expensive than conventional marketing. Businesses advertising on social media make use of paid search and other digital strategies that cost very little. This is because a lot of companies use pay-per-click strategies for targeting specific audiences and keeping costs down.

  1. Reaching Mobile Users

There are more than 14 billion mobile devices worldwide which is sure to grow to almost 18 billion by 2024. It is easier for businesses to reach potential customers anytime because all smartphones have internet access. 

These are the top reasons why companies largely use digital marketing. 

The Scope Of Digital Marketing In 2022 And Beyond

  • More than half of the customer base explores companies through social media. Brands can reach more than 1 million consumers via Instagram alone. Further, 9 million brands use Facebook for finding their target audience. Brands leverage digital platforms for both B2B and B2C campaigns. 
  • In 2022, marketers are expected to publish a piece of content and then check how effective it was. Real-time analytics has begun shaking up the world of social media marketing. Conducting real-time analysis enable marketers to individualize content. Also, it allows them to respond much more effectively and quickly to their performance. 
  • Finally, advertisers in each sector are connecting with social media influencers for enhancing their brands. This can be an effective digital marketing strategy because customers tend to trust other customers than company advertisements. 
  • Besides, artificial intelligence also enables digital marketers to better analyze user data. They can further customize their customer journey giving them reasons to stick back forever. 


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