What Steps To Follow When An SEO Strategy Doesn’t Go As Per Plan?


In today’s competitive world, businesses engage SEO services for realizing their goals. Know what a digital marketing agency in Kolkata does when SEO goes wrong. 

There are limitless reasons why an SEO strategy lapses. Some content marketing services in Kolkata state overusing SEO practices result in SEO failure. On the other hand, some others believe it is a fault of the Google algorithm update. Whatever the reason be- your SEO tactic must never fail. Discover certain ideas that may prevent it. 

Steps That Can Avoid SEO Errors

  1. Awful Quality Links
  • Google algorithm provides weightage to links when they are ranking a site. Therefore, a lot of Search Engine Optimization solutions for business websites crawl on a link-building spree. Moreover, you must understand that not all links assist your site. For instance, paid links do not give your site the necessary link votes or juices. 
  • For getting away with the issues of paid links, using a “no follow” attribute on these links is equally important. This will convince the Google algorithm that you do not spam the crawlers for achieving a better search result. 
  1. Flimsy Content
  • The ultimate goal of the Google algorithm is to offer a good user experience. For achieving the same, Google searches quality content that is both unique and specific to your domain. You can try to create content with some considerations given below-
  • Develop engaging content that resolves user queries
  • Additionally, use data-driven research to pique user interests
  • Post reviews from the users regarding your site, products/services
  • Integrate interactive videos as a part of your website content
  • Finally, do not stuff keywords and instead optimize long-tail keywords. 
  1. Spammy SEO Activities
  • Google does not appreciate spammy SEO activities because it attempts to impact its search results. A professional “digital marketing company near me” must follow these practices to avoid spammy SEO. 
  • Prevent spammy and irrelevant blogging links to your site. For instance, a link from a second-hand car sale blog will not work with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Curate Latent Semantic Indexing keywords to illustrate your content. 
  • Lastly, avoid over-optimizing your anchor texts. 

How Can You Turn Things Around? 

Before you turn your SEO strategy into a winning one, you must find out the site’s ranking. Besides, you should also notice if there has been a significant drop in your site’s page. Keeping these points in mind will never let your SEO strategy down!

Wrapping Up

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