What’s Trending among Mobile Apps This 2017?

Smart phones have become the indispensable thing for any person of our country right now. With the government actively pushing towards a digital future, mobile phones have now become as essential as a jacket on a cold winter morning. With this trend on the upswing, businesses are more actively pushing towards their mobile apps development. Mobile apps have become indispensable and now they are not only a mere point of promotion. They have transformed in their roles and are now used to increase customer support and e-commerce of all businesses. As the New Year is on us, apps are taking on newer forms and patterns.

mobile app development

The current trends

  • Hybrid apps – the newest kid on the block in the field of mobile apps is hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are those which can provide the consumer with all their needs in one single app. From booking a cab to buying your dinner, hybrid apps are doing it all. This has gained considerable interest in Asian markets as Indian and Chinese app manufacturers are already successfully running these apps.
  • Wearables– The world of technology is moving towards a future where the lines between the online and offline will be blurred. Developers are creating devices for the physical world and ‘Internet of things’ will be hot topic all throughout this year. Wearable devices connected to the internet is already a major thing in the fitness and sports industry and this new year will surely bring some innovations in wearables in other industries as well.
  • Enterprise mobile apps – With the coming of the New Year apps for various workplaces are gaining traction. The synchronicity of the whole work place is increasing because of these apps and more and more enterprises will opt for them. People working in field projects will be particularly helped by these apps. They can submit their reports and evaluations remotely and the app updates that to everybody in the work place.

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