Which Are The Best Ways For Ranking On Top Of Google Searches?

Occupying the top rank on Google search is a priority for every business. Trust the best digital marketing company India to give the best tips for google searching. 

With a plethora of competition and ever-changing algorithms, occupying and retaining the top place in Google is quite challenging. Especially, for website designing services in Kolkata. Given below are some steps that can help you to rank on top of google searches. 

Best Practices To Rank On Top On Google Searches

  1.  Construct Long-Form Content

The initial step is blogging. These days, you can find a lot of websites occupying the top spot has long-form content. But it has got nothing to do with the number of words. Google tends to provide valuable insights to the users if its website contains long-form content. The sites satisfying the criterion have a greater chance to grab a higher rank. 

  1. Google Answer Box Optimization

Google Answer Box results are more reliable than the others. If your content is visible in this section, there are chances that it will gain extensive exposure and visibility. Additionally, your website must possess a lot of merits to appear in this section. Hence, it is better to engage professionals instead of opting for amateur hands. 

  1. Enhances Internal Linking Structure

Site architecture is important for the search engine bots to crawl properly and index the web pages. This is possible when you incorporate internal links. Moreover, an optimal website structure possesses a pyramid shape with links between the pages. Besides creating site architecture, this also helps to float link juice from one page to the other.  

  1. Optimizing Anchor Text

An anchor text is essential for linking pages as it helps Google to comprehend the motive of the page. Optimizing keywords is an exceptional practice to guide Google bot to easily understand your page content. Eventually, it lets the site rank higher. Some examples of anchor texts that you can use are exact match anchor text, generic anchor text and partial match anchor text. 

  1. Full-Proof Guest Posting Strategy

You are well aware that guest posting plays an indispensable role in placing your website in front of a huge target audience. It also earns a backlink from a reputable site for improving the domain authority. But you have to keep some tips in mind:

  • Choose relevant websites that have high domain authority
  • Select topics that can interest the target audience of the website
  • Support your claims along with high-authority sources


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