Who Is the Winner- Facebook Or Instagram Live?


In a world, where everything is run by social media, Facebook and Instagram’s lives are a part. Hire the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata and take your business to the next level. 

One of the most interesting and trending pieces of content in today’s world is going to live on the internet. Today’s generation gives more value to live sessions than lengthy drafts or posts. Two major platforms that are changing the game with their live streaming feature are Facebook and Instagram. All the big and small brands are making full use of these features and hosting live sessions every now and then. It will boost the growth of your business like anything. You can also take the help of a digital marketing company in Kolkata. But, the age-old argument remains- which is better- Facebook or Instagram? Well, both have some similarities and dissimilarities. 

1. The Analogy Between Them:-

Facebook and Instagram, both allow the users to engage in a real-time live session with the viewers. Both notify followers when someone is going live. You also get the respective data and statistics of the live sessions. The viewers can leave comments and messages on the live stream.  Hire the best social media marketing company in Kolkata to help with these cases. Let us know more about it. 

2. More About Facebook Live:-

We already said that both have their similarities and differences. In Facebook live, it will notify a certain amount of your followers that you are going live. But, it would not notify all of your followers. This way someone who will actually take interest in your niche can miss the session. Although, you do get the option of saving the live video permanently which will help others to watch it later. It also helps it turn into permanent content. People get to watch demanding videos as well. You can go live both from your computer or mobile. 

3. More About Instagram Live:- 

Previously, live was a part of Instagram stories which you could only save for 24 hours. All your followers will get a notification about when you go live. Nowadays, you can also save your Instagram live session as a permanent IGTV video which can dramatically increase your reach. It can be a full-blown content. You can also use the filters in your live session. Instagram live is at an all-time high now and every business should take advantage of it. Every brand should consider it seriously. 

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