We believe that our intense market research and constant collaboration are what makes your brand unique.

Web Application Development

At Avant-Garde Technologies, our outsourcing website and IT application development service tries to fit your product neatly within a sea of similar products and provide it with a uniqueness that makes it different and preferable. We carry out this customized service through our team of highly qualified and experienced software professionals. Their intense market research and staying in touch with you continuously make sure that you get the product that fits your requirement as well as makes a unique impression.

Avant-Garde provides customized website and IT application services in such a way, that it helps you achieve a competitive edge over others by finding out the missing factor in functions offered by different packages. We employ

  • Highly structured framework programming
  • Best programming guidelines commensurate with coding guidelines
  • Standards in providing web application development services for our customers.

Thus, we are continuously in touch with the attest in the field, by evaluating them and putting them in proactive as and when required.

Avant-Garde have the most effective, fast and efficient architecture that is marked by its simplicity and versatility. We also ascertain that the programs can be used by our customers in a convenient manner, and are easily maintainable. Our applications are secure, with assured quality and capable of taking a large amount of performance, load and stress, to allow seamless future growth for your company.



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  • Enterprise Grade
  • Technology Leadership
  • Full Service Digital

We are the best in making websites,
App and Software.

Why us??

The work culture in our office

We, at AGTS, actually build modern and valuable IT assets. We create things that can make a difference in business and take the business to great success heights. We have a work culture that is entirely based on the employee voice, the transparency, learning and development opportunities, unique and high-quality work, punctuality, eco-friendliness, gratitude and appreciation, alignment with core values, fan culture, and respect amongst each other. Our employees are the valuable assets of our company, We care for them and try to give them an eco-friendly work environment. We select the most intelligent minds with a friendly heart. Every learning opportunity is grabbed by us in order to continue to learn more besides developing and providing better business solutions. Every member of our team is very punctual. We believe that time maintenance is an important factor of a reputed company. This makes it possible to deliver the projects to the clients on or before the given time. We always consider the ideas of the employees and appreciate every good work which motivates our employees. Respiring time or breaks are given to the team members. We make arrangements for extra curriculum activities and picnics which gives a short gap or a change from the daily work schedule. This repowers the employees and makes them optimally work.